A few years ago, some 5 stars hotels introduced ‘high-tea tradition’ to Indonesia. In an instance, the new trend become viral. People want to taste, enjoy, and become a part of this high-tea tradition. Now, not only hotels, restaurants and cafes finally join the crowd and present their own versions of high tea time. Sometimes, it’s a hit. Most of the time, it’s a total miss for me.

I like to think that high-tea is an upgrade, more expensive version of regular tea-time. And just like regular tea-time, the quality of the cakes are only good when the tea is on par. More like a balance between the soothing, almost bitter aroma of the tea with the sweetness of the cakes. Most of those restaurants fail in delivering this balance, which results in messy pile of expensive hyper-sweet cakes and super-bitter tea.

Bakerzin surprisingly exceeds my expectations and deliver not only good tea and cakes, but also service, ambience, and price. Originated from Singapore, Bakerzin makes it’s own fortune by selling highly recommended shortcake and macaroons. Just like Nanny’s Pavillon, it begins to add some heavy foods, from pasta to grilled chickens, on it’s menu with carefulness and high quality controls. In short amount of time Bakerzin has been exceeding its competitors easily and gaining more fans all over the city. Knowing this fact, I happily stroll into one of it’s cozy cafes with my friend. 

The first thing that I see is not the friendly waiter handing menu books to me. I am busy observing the cakes, they are beautifully decorated and sit in strict order behind clean glass counter. After regaining my consciousness back, I quickly decide to go for it’s infamous macaroons. The macaroon counter is notably smaller than the cakes’. Bakerzin surprisingly only has a few selection of macarons and they look a little bit too ordinary. My hope for getting fancy raspberry macaron like Laduree quickly vanished into thin air. 

Finally, after debating with my friend for a few minutes, I decided to go for Blueberry, Black Sesame, White Truffle, Ispahan (recommended by the waiter/baker), and Green Tea. The waiter, who obviously confused by two youngsters carrying big cameras and comparing each others’ food theories, keep smiling throughout the whole fiasco and usher us back into our seats without showing any indication of stress or impatience. Good job!


My macarons come in tiny white plate. No decorations whatsoever. But maybe this is the best way to deliver an already delicate cakes. 

It’s obvious that the Blueberry is the boldest among my choices. Sandwiched inside dark blue thin shells are spongecake-like layer and thick blueberry cream. My first bite is totally a joyous surprise. The cream tastes so light, fresh, and sweet with real slices of blueberries hiding inside. The shells are so crisp with right amount of sweetness, balancing the fresh blueberry cream. The sponge cake-layer fades away easily though. But just like a good team player, it gives a soft moist texture that makes the macaroon tastes more like a small beautiful cake rather than a sweet. Hands up, this is one of the most balanced cake I have ever tasted. 

Next is Black Sesame. Pitch black macaroon with thick sesame cream and black sponge cake-layer decorated with real black sesames on top of the shell. When I taste it for the first time, I instantly think of roasted almond. Dry, sweet, and very crispy. Another bite and I begin to think about mochi. Indonesian mochi, to be exact. It’s good, but not at the same level with the Blueberry. 

Green Tea or Matcha is my next victim. Coated in light green, this macaroon is really hard to differentiate with it’s more popular sibling; pistachio. But I definitely smell really strong green tea essence oozing from the cream. Rather than eating a small macaroon, I feel like holding a handful of green tea leaves. Bitter-sweet flavor combined with soft texture and fresh tea scent, this macaroon is slowly dominating my tastebud. It’s not the best macaroon, but it is the strongest among these five. 

In fact, I almost can’t feel anything except green tea for a few seconds, which is great because I just realized we haven’t ordered any tea yet. Good timing to rest my tongue a bit and complete this tea-time ritual. 


Bakerzin has ten different types of tea leaves. Unfortunately, I am too busy taking photos of my macaroons and order it’s most common tea; Jasmine. Regarded as one of the most fragrant tea leaves, our Jasmine comes in small funny looking teapot and two small porcelain cups. I have to admit I am impressed with the way Bakerzin serves it’s tea. The teapot is comfortingly warm. But when we pour the tea into our pleasant cups, the tea is perfectly brewed and smells nice, even though tastes a little bit weak for my taste. 


I continue my macaroon adventure with Ispahan. A soft pink macaroon with red blotches on top of it. I like to call this one as Lychee. And it tastes like one, though a lot sweeter. Ispahan is definitely the most beautiful macaroon (and according to the waiter/baker, this is also the most favorite), but I just don’t like the overwhelming amount of sweetness and how the raspberry/lychee slice feels like a slimy eel swimming inside of the cream. Not my cup of (jasmine) tea. 

It feels right to end this short trip with White Truffle, the white sheep of the five. Pristine white with gold sprinkles that stick into my hands, this macaroon looks very similar with Tinker-bell. But I bet Tinker-bell never tastes fishy. The waiter/baker behind the counter said that this macaroon tastes like white chocolate. In my tongue, it tastes like oyster. Fishy, soft, and sweet, the flavors don’t blend really well at all. Compared to the likes of Green Tea or Blueberry (hell, even to Ispahan/Lychee-Raspberry), this is a total mess. I regret buying this one.


While I am busy tasting macarons, my friend is enjoying her Hazelnut Mille Feuille. Tiny bits of hazelnuts covering nutty cream and pastry, with a little bit of bitter chocolate powder to balance the taste. Being an anti-cake person, I am quite attracted with this Mille Feuille. Sweet, with the right amount of bitterness from dark chocolate powder and sticky texture from the pastry, this cake successfully erased the sweetness of macaroons away from my tongue. However, if I am put in a condition where I have to choose between Mille or Macaroon, I will absolutely go for Macaron. Not a winner, but this cake is a valuable team player for Bakerzin. 


Satisfied with the macaroons and mille feuille, I decided to give one more test for Bakerzin and order it’s Strawberry Tart. The waiter takes his time preparing my cake, but it’s worth it. Fresh strawberries, glistening with transparent sugar coat, sit happily above crumbling crusts. It’s a beautiful tart, no need to argue about it.

Sadly, I am not entirely satisfied with the taste. The strawberries, even with the help of all those sugar coats, taste sour and bland. The crusts are wonderful in texture (more like graham crackers than tart crusts), but not enough to help the sourness of the strawberries. Bakerzin needs to reevaluate it’s viands and really select the best of them, considering the price is not cheap for a single slice of small strawberry tart. 


I have a good time in Bakerzin. Sure, there are few ups and downs when I try the macarons and the Strawberry Tart is a big letdown. But with good service, warm ambience, and a few notable macarons, I am able to oversee those flaws and really sit back and enjoy my short high-tea time.

Address:Central Park Jalan Letjen. S. Parman

Phone   : (021) 29200195

Hours   : 10.00–22.00


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