Bakerzin Revisited


A few months ago I came to Bakerzin to taste their infamous macaroons. While I did have a great time in there, one slice of plain strawberry cake at the end of the meal kind of ruined the whole experience. That’s not a reason for me not to come back though, especially with my sister paying this time.

Sunday might not the best time to have a brunch since all of the good tables were already taken, but we managed to score a seat right beside the window, which means better Instagram pictures for me. Our waiters were the same cheerful man that instantly offered us real menu books this time. I will stop here and give a quick compliment to whoever designed Bakerzin’s menu books. Good job, man! Everything is in the right place with the right font and beautiful photos, without being overly decorative to the level of chaotic collages of ice creams and steaks. Kitchenette needs to learn a thing or two from Bakerzin in this particular area.

Let’s go back to more important matters though -the foods. Bakerzin, of course, serves mostly western cuisines, from basic selection of pastas to more complicated grilled steaks or salmon fillets. Luckily for those who are not big fans of cream-and-cheese spaghetti, Bakerzin also offers limited selection of Asian cuisines, mostly oxtail soup whatsoever, but that’s better than nothing, right?

I was torn between beef sandwich and lasagna until I saw Dory Fillet Pasta. According to my limited gastronomy knowledge, dory is a type of fish usually used for fillet or fish n chips. I never heard about dory pasta before. Such a curious combination! I decided to give it ago, while my sister chose a more conventional Dory Fish with Lemon Cream Basil.

Waiting is an inseparable part of dining experience in Bakerzin because their place is designed as patisserie in the first place, not a real restaurant. It’s quite bearable though with quite selection of decent lifestyle magazines, comfy sofas, and wifi even though the user-id change from time to time, I even needed to log in twice. Annoying? Nah, my waiter took care of it.

Our tea came up first in a small teapot that can be refilled with hot water as many times as we like. The size suggests that the tea set only suitable for one person, but you can actually share with your friends. This time I chose chamomile instead of jasmine and quickly regretted my decision. Chamomile sure has sweeter scent, but I feel like jasmine would be a wiser decision since we were going to eat a whole lot of cream and sugar.

After waiting for a few more minutes with Wi-Fi and a stack of magazines as our only friends, our foods finally arrived.


Dory Pasta – Dory fillet on top of tomato and paprika pasta.

This is not the best looking dish that I have ever seen for sure. The dory fillet was blanketed with thin layer of omelet making it less attractive, while the pasta was just a messy pile of tomatoes, green paprika, and red chili.

Nevertheless, in terms of flavor, the dish wasn’t disappointing. The pasta was well cooked, firm, tasty and tasted like real Italian pasta instead of cheap misfortunate replica of Japanese udon. To my surprise, the small cuts of paprika tasted sweet, fresh and increase of my appetite. All I can say is Bakerzin has a nice vegetable supplies and I have been planning to steal their supplier’s number as soon as possible.

The dory fillet was soft, a bit flaky, and somehow plain, which I believe to balance the strong taste of omelet. To be honest, I first thought that the omelet was unnecessary, but after my first bite I realized that the dense texture of the omelet is used to compliment the fragile structure of dory and create a textural fantasy trip for my mouth; a trip that I like a lot.

However, the dory-omelet magic didn’t last long and I found the pasta to be much more likeable. Perhaps, the omelet can be reworked a bit by adding vegetable or spices to make the flavor stand out more, so the texture won’t be the only selling point. Such an interesting dish, though.


Dory Fish with Lemon Cream Basil – Dory fillet with lemon cream sauce on top of sautéed spinach and French fries.

Sautéed spinach is such a rare side dish here in Indonesia that we (me and my sister) ended up fighting to get a bite of Bakerzin’s version. The only sautéed spinach that I have tasted is Negev’s and it doesn’t really differ that much in my opinion. Bakerzin’s sautéed spinach was noticeably creamier with the help of all those cream sauce.

Speaking of sauce, the Lemon Cream Basil whatsoever really made the dish stood out. It was the right decision to put as much sauce as possible since every element in the dish (french fries, sautéed spinach, dory fillet) was hard to balance. Each had strong individual flavor and texture uniqueness, but with the help of tasty cream sauce the ingredients could form a temporary truce in my mouth.

Without question, this is a much better dish than my dory pasta. I could imagine the chef poured more time to visualize, design, and carefully execute the whole dish. I have to say; he/she had done an excellent job.

Now, it’s time for dessert. Soufflé with raspberry ice cream sounds nice, but one thing I learn from Bakerzin from my previous visit was macarons. Red velvet, green tea, blueberry, hazelnut and Oreo became my victims this time. The waiter refilled our teapot with hot water for the third time and we were good to go.

Like the last time, Bakerzin didn’t really pay much attention in presenting their beloved macarons. 5 small sweets stuck in tiny white plate didn’t look really inviting. Nevertheless, I dig into it without a second thought.


Red Velvet– looking sexy in bright red color and white cheese cream filling, Red Velvet was the highlight of the plate. It’s such an absurd thing to say, remembering this was the very first macaron that I tried. But the right level of sweetness, the gorgeous cheesy aftertaste in my mouth and soft yet crispy shell nearly stopped my heart for one second.

Green Tea– A bit dull in muddy green color, green tea tasted quite great in my mouth. At first the shell melted right after touching my tongue, sending waves of sweetness, then the cream quickly replaced the overly sweet sensation with green tea’s classic bitter taste. Very strong and true to it’s theme, but I had a quick feeling that this macaron can be even more amazing. More green tea, perhaps?

Blueberry– Gorgeous! Blueberry macaron is the prettiest -and most photogenic amongst these pretty little sweets. Dark blue shell with violent-colored cream, blueberry macaron looked better than it tasted. Don’t get me wrong; it tasted good, but not quite as amazing as green tea or red velvet. The blueberry taste came more from the smell rather from the cream, which made it really weak. I found tiny parts of blueberry here and there, but they didn’t come as handy as they should be.

Hazelnut– Perfectly obvious in brown color, hazelnut macaron sucker punched me in ways I had never expected before. Instead of bittersweet crunchy yet not satisfying peanut taste, I got creamy sweet strong dominating parade of peanut greatness. Since peanut is not my go-to macaron flavor, I am not really crazy about it. However, if you are peanut lovers just like my sister, you got to try this one!

Oreo– Black and white, just like what real Oreo looks like. The difference appeared when I ate the filling. Instead of vanilla frosting, I got cream cheese. The shell, however, remained true to Oreo’s classic artificial chocolate taste. I like the fact that Bakerzin tried something new with this Oreo macaron. However, cream cheese and chocolate is just not a popular combination. I myself, found this pretty good, but my sister called it ‘strange’ and ‘not special in anyway’. Ouch.


After chewing down every last scrap of our macarons, we sat and talked for quite a long time. Even though the restaurant was nearly full, the waiters didn’t even warn us to leave. They just busily minding other costumers and politely asked wether we wanted more hot water for the tea or ordered something. This is actually one thing I like from Bakerzin more than their macarons. Bakerzin’s service is polite, friendly, and funny without being too invading or talkative. The waitresses know when to shut up, a skill that can be quite tricky to learn.

We had a great time eating at Bakerzin. Some dishes need more attentions, but it is quite a naive point-of-view to expect everything is going to be perfect. Bakerzin is a good restaurant and an even better patisserie. Nothing can change that… yet.


Bakerzin Central Park

Address : Central Park Mall, Ground Floor

                  Letjen S. Parman Street, Tanjung Duren, Jakarta

Hours    : 10.00-22.00





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